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[Twitter] [04.02.2014] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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    I’ve never told you a lie. It’s annoying. Stop it.

    tenshi_akuma’s note: First of all, please everyone here, don’t make matters worse and too serious. Actually it seems someone (his ex-fans?) hurt him. For new eels it looks something, but for old eels we have encountered this kind of issue sometimes in the past, and we’ve learned ignoring and keeping positive is a good way to ease this kind of situation. As you know, he’s always trying to show his real self as much as possible. But as he is a human like us, there is, of course, a space even for him not to show others. If there is a secret, it does mean he tells a lie?? It means he’s not open enough?? Is it love that makes our beloved one all naked?? I’m not saying only between our Sukkie and eels. A bond should be built on the relations of trust. Sorry, for some curious eels, my personal thoughts don’t give you enough answers of his tweet. But I hope you won’t try to dig it. Finding out it is not so important. Our bond, our trust matters. I hope what others say won’t affect our loyalty. So eels, please don’t be shaken. Please keep positive and support him as always. Peace.



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