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[Pics & video-1] ‘KNTV x Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ wrapping bus

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    NOTICE : added more photos
    One of BM promotional events in Japan is ‘Seeing and taking photos of BM wrapping bus’. The special bus runs from June 6th to 16th in Tokyo and Osaka. Here is the root map.
    Today is the first day of running the wrapping bus, but already many eels succeeded to take the photos and even record his voice! Zikzin!

    Credits: @Jksunagi0716, tsucchii0716
    English translation of JKS’ voice: tenshi_akuma
    Beautiful Man. See you on KNTV in June. You can cry, feel romantic… You mast be into Hallyu channel, KNTV.

    Credits: @keiko4820

    Credits: @supergirl4711

    Credits: ‏@jksdaisuki

    Credits: @ninopi1731

    Credits: @suksuk910

    Credits: @kntv_info


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