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[2014-07-11] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

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    2014-07-11 10:48:37

    The first-ever live event by TEAM H has been decided! TEAM H is going to appear on a live ‘Nico Nico Live’ from Korea, and it’ll be shown on big screens placed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Japan)!

    Linked to the release of TEAM H 3rd album ‘Driving to the highway’, Nico Nico Live has decided to webcast a special program on July 14th (Mon) at 20:00 (Japan local time), in which we can preview all the tracks from their new album!

    Furthermore, TEAM H will be live online on the special program from Korea and it will be shown live on big screens placed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Japan)! It’s the first attempt in history to webcast ‘Nico Nico Live’ from Korea and show it on big screens placed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka at the same time.

    For 10 minutes from 21:00 on July 14th, Jang Keun Suk and BIG BROTHER will be live online on big screens placed in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka!
    *Nico Nico Live TEAM H special program @ ‘live webcast’ from Korea
    *Nico Nico Live special program airing date: July 14th (Mon) 20:00~
    *Nico Nico Live URL:
    *When is it shown: From 21:00 to 21:10 on July 14th (Mon)
    *Where is the big screens: Tokyo/Shinjuku [ALTA vision], Nagoya/Sakae [Intervision], Osaka/Dohtonbori [TonboristationSN]
    tenshi_akuma’s note: It’s about this, [News] TEAM H will appear on a live ‘NICO NICO LIVE’ from Korea on July 14th


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