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[Video] JKS comments about Makimura-san (Japanese bodyguard)_20140113

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    Credits: JForestSui
    English translation: tenshi_akuma

    A star testified about how Mr. Makimura is special as a bodyguard! Jang Keun Suk started his talk with saying, “I will do anything for Makimura-san. Every time a lot of fans welcome me at airport. The most important thing is to keep safe, I think. I’ve been working with him for about 5 years. Whenever I visit Japan from Korea, I’m always feeling safe and can take time for my greeting fans.” Mr. Makimura added, “I’m always trying to make a warm and welcoming atmosphere to give stars such an impression when they land on Japan. I hope to impress them how Japan and Japanese are great.”


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