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[Fan Account] 2014 Jang Keun Suk Seoul Fan Meeting ‘PROPOSE’_20140208

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    Notice: Some photos were not taken on that day. Some pics were borrowed from the Internet.

    At last, I’m sitting in front of my PC to write my FA. Ahh… this time more than two months have already passed since I attended my first JKS FM and my first event in Seoul. You might be surprised to know that it was my first time though I had a lot of chances to attend his concerts in Japan. But in fact, it was my first time and very special compared to others. I’m afraid it’s too late and many of you have already read many FAs, but still I want to keep this memory here and share with you.

    2014 Jang Keun Suk Seoul Fan Meeting ‘PROPOSE’ was held at Olympic Hall on February 8th. This fan meeting was originally planned for Korean eels, but eventually overseas fans also had a chance to attend there. If you are the member of JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014, you know the difference of privileges between Korean resident members and overseas ones. If not, I will tell you them here; overseas members DO NOT have the same privileges as those who live in Korea. (can NEITHER apply for tickets NOR apply for any events for Korean members only.) So oversea fans including me didn’t expect to attend this FM. But luckily we had the chance. This time many ECI friends could attend there, too, but I attended differently from them. I’m a member of Japan JKS Fanclub as well as Cri-J 5. About this application, JPN FC announced how to apply earlier than Tree-J company. That’s why I decided to apply as a member of JPN FC because ensuring the ticket was the most important. I applied two tickets (one was for my mother ^^) and managed to get them. I was not sure how many tickets were sold for Japanese FC members, but they seemed sold out soon. After a while, Tree-J announced how to apply the tickets and the priorities of seats allocated to each FC member… and I found that JPN FC member was supposed to be allocated to 3rd priority seat… If I had applied as an overseas Cri-J 5 member, I would have been allocated to 2nd priority seat… And I also found that the ticket price was much cheaper than the one sold by JPN FC. Shuttle bus service was automatically included in the JPN FC ticket fee. That was the reason. We had no choice to use the service, but at the end it was very helpful for us (especially for my mother). To be honest, however, I was a bit shocked to know my seat was supposed not good even I paid a lot… but soon I came to think positively that thanks to JPN FC ticket, I could book flight tickets and hotel very early! That helped my mother and I to have a very good time in Seoul. We stayed there for 5 nights.
    The FM stared at 18:00 and the door opened at 16:30. Japanese FC members had to gather at 14:00 near Myeong-dong and got on a bus to the venue. (So I couldn’t go to the venue with my ECI friends, but we had a happy gathering the day before ^^) About an hour ride took us to the venue. when I arrived at Olympic Park, it was getting cold and started to snow lightly. But as soon as I saw the big banner of 2014 Jang Keun Suk ‘PROPOSE’, my heart began to beat fast and didn’t feel the cold.'

    Ah! I found him!

    Walking close to him…

    Close up!

    Finally I could see the whole banner, 2014 JKS ‘PROPOSE’
    Before the opening time, I had to line up to pick up FM official goods that I ordered beforehand. It was my first attendance of his FM, so I decided to get the ones as a memento. There were pick-up booths for each FC member; Korea, Japan and China. I asked my mother to wait for me somewhere out of the cold, but there were so many people around the venue, so we only found there outside. I lined up for an hour to get mine. It was JKS’ aunt that gave me the item at the booth. A small gift on that day!

    I got A set

    The contents
    When I picked up the goods, it was already around 16:00. So my mother and I started to line up, waiting for the opening time. Our seats were located at the very back of the venue, C2 pale-blue area…

    It can’t be helped because ours were 3rd priority seat. But God gave us a surprise! The place we were queuing outside the venue was the BEST spot to hear what was going on at rehearsal!!! When I noticed to hear Sukkie was singing YAB OST, I was just “wow!” I didn’t expect a glimpse of the FM before entering the venue. OMG~~~~~!!!! Before my first FM, I already got too excited.
    When I entered the venue, a pink package and poster of 2014 JKS ‘PROPOSE’ were given by staff. In the package, there is an invitation card from Sukkie and a chocolate box. I haven’t eaten it yet.

    The contents

    Sukkie came to Olympic Hall the day before

    and helped CRI-J staff to put goods in a package
    As I supposed, my seat was located at the last three row of the venue. I expected so, but my mother didn’t. So I was a bit afraid to know her reaction. But she said to me, “Kaori, this seat is really good! It’s located right in front of the main stage!” I nervously replied to her, “But it’s too far… I’m sorry, mom…” She said, “Kaori, don’t say that. I’m really satisfied with the seat. Thank you again to bring me here.” Her words already touched me. I cried secretly.
    Before FM started, we were allowed to take photos inside. So I took some.

    On the main stage, there were some artificial palm tress. What for..??

    Close up!
    Because of many overseas attendees, Tree-J prepared simultaneous interpretation services. We borrowed a simultaneous interpretation machine. JKS spoke all Korean during FM, but his words were simultaneously interpreted into Japanese, English and Chinese. This service was really helpful for overseas fans. Through hearing this, I thanked Sukkie that he always speaks Japanese during concerts in Japan as if Japanese were his native language. I noticed again that it is really amazing. And another thing, for some ECI friends who have experienced to attend concerts in Japan without the interpretation machine, this simultaneous interpretation service must have been a miracle. They could understand what he said as soon as he spoke out. It was their first experience, too. Thinking about it, I felt happy.
    Before FM started, there was a launch event for Cri-J 5. The president introduced Cri-J 5th administrators and their plan in 2014 to us. They do volunteer activities regularly. They showed us what they did and will do this year. When the president made a speech, JKS joined it from behind the stage. Even we couldn’t see him, but our excitement grew as we heard his voice.
    “Almost! Almost! We can see him soon!” After a while, the venue became dark and finally 2014 JKS’ FM in Seoul started.

    *After the FM, Tree-J announced that it’s going to be released as DVD in April. So, those who ordered it can check the detail later. I didn’t remember everything well, so please forgive me if there are some differences from the real procedures. Those who didn’t order the DVD, I hope you’ll feel the atmosphere through my FA. As I said above, my seat was very far from the stage. So I needed to look through opera glasses or a big screen hanging over the stage. So I was trying to take a memo during FM.

    At first, the big screen started to show a kind of LINE screen. The contents seemed the same as [2014-01-04] Jang Keun Suk LINE.

    Jang Keun Suk is asking Eels. What kind of stage do you want if you wanna be with JKS in 2014?

    1. Inauguration ceremony of Fan club, Cri J
    2. Copying TeamH Show in 2013
    3. Unexpected Cri Show 3
    4. Zikzin Tour in Seoul
    Ole!! What do you say? 5. just have my

    After that, we heard JKS’s speaking out loud, “OK, I will choose 5, camping!” Then, he appeared on the stage, riding a skateboard with music ‘Nature Boy’ in the background. We knew that he had been into skateboarding recently. He tweeted with pics, but honestly he was not so good at skateboarding. He slipped when he stopped and pretended he had been hurt while practicing. But all were his joke! And he greeted us, “Anyoung! Ni hao! Konnichiwa! Hello! I’m Jang Keun Suk!” haha
    The title of FM is ‘PROPOSE’. He hesitated to revealed “In the past, I sang ‘I’m in Love’ in a white tuxedo. But honestly, I pushed myself to look cool. So this time I wanted to show my real self more. That’s why I decided to create camping atmosphere.” This is the reason why he put some palm trees on the stage :p
    tenshi_akuma’s note: If you don’t know his last FM in Seoul (2010) and his past white tuxedo, please check this video.
    On February 6th, JKS asked eels “Who is the best MC you want??” on twitter. Many eels replied “No need!” on twitter, and on that day, too. But Sukkie told us “Your reaction would hurt today’s MC… OK, I will introduce him to you… Ta-dah! He’s Jang Keun Suk!!! haha!” As we hoped so, there was no MC but JKS only. It helped him to create his own fan meeting more easily. He didn’t have to care time or procedures. The FM lasted 2 and a half hours, originally it was planned for 2 hours. Actually, he skipped 2 songs and some scheduled events. That’s JKS way ^^
    As JKS mentioned, the setting of this FM was camping. So he said he wanted to ad-lib singing. That means when we camp, we possibly play and sing together with those whom we meet for the first time. Like this, Sukkie introduced band members on that day.

    After that, 12 keywords were shown on a big screen. Before the FM, Korean, Chinese and Japanese FC asked for the submissions regarding to these keywords. The theme is ‘Beginning 2014 with you’. 12 keywords are Book/ Style/ Music/ Eco/ Camera/ Wine/ Coffee/ Bath/ Movie/ Time/ Sleep/ Food. They are similar to the concepts of his 2014 official calendar. We official members submitted questions we want to ask him during the FM.

    I prepared these questions below, but unfortunately mine was not answered on that day… :’(

    (1) Keywords of Jang Keun Suk
    Book / What is the book you voluntarily cried while reading?
    Style / When you are said ‘It’s just like Jang Keun Suk’?
    Music / What is the most impressive music video you’ve ever watched?
    Eco / Please tell us your saving tips.
    Camera / Do you change words to a camera when you take photos or you are taken?
    Wine / What kind of feeling leads you to drink wine?
    Coffee / Do you have your favorite coffee beans? What is your favorite way to drink coffee?
    Bath / Which do you like, taking a hot bath or a tepid one?
    Movie / In my opinion, movie is more colored by the creator’s message than drama. What is it that impacted you most?
    Time / Do you think if there is a difference between the way analog clock and digital one ticks?
    Sleep / Do you have any tips to have a good sleep?
    Food / What is your least favorite food except sweets?

    In fact, he didn’t answer all of 12 keyword questions. But he was trying to broaden his speech using these. For example, he said, “The most suitable keyword among them for me is Eco.” Eels replied, “What??” He chose the word as a joke. Lol.
    The following is a part of his talks and the list he sang during FM.

    I believe each artist has his or her own way. I don’t like to do what others force me to. Especially I don’t like to hear ‘Do it fast!’ I don’t care trends. I don’t want to follow blindly because doing so is in fashion. I want to be myself. I like wearing my favorite clothes for a long time. I still have the one I bought when I was 20. Eels always check my clothes, saying “This is the same as he wore 4 years ago.” Isn’t it so bad? I like wearing even old clothes in a different way. I’m sometimes called ‘fashion terrorist.’ Korea is a country where people worry about what others think about us. As an actor, when playing a role, it’s necessary to show myself cool. But as a human being, Jang Keun Suk, I don’t think it’s necessary to pursue showing myself cool. I don’t like to keep showing myself cool all the time. I want to show you real myself.


    I need more time to enjoy my life more. I want a rest more. Already my schedule this year was fully packed. I go abroad about 40 times a year, but only one time as a private, a short summer holiday. But I admit that I’m the happiest when I’m on a stage and in front of a camera. Only for a second, it’s enough for me to brace myself up. An eel asked me, “What do you want to do on the final day of your life?” I would plant an apple tree. I’m not kidding. I’m serious! Because I’m a eco-friendly person!

    The most impressive book in my life is still the one written by a monk, Ven. Haemin. I read it about 2 yeas ago. Thanks to this, I learned how to rest.

    tenshi_akuma’s note: If you don’t know the book, please read my FA Book “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop” written by Ven. Haemin

    I haven’t taken photos recently. In Korea, taking a selfie is in fashion. But the way among young people such as hiding their mouth and editing their eyes to make them bigger is unnatural. I think finding the best angle is important for a selfie.
    tenshi_akuma’s note: Eels know JKS is really good at taking a selfie. We miss his selfie tweets!!

    There is a rumor that I don’t take a shower so often. It came from what my mother said in my 20th anniversary dinner show. I admit that I’m OK not to take a shower for 3 days if I don’t go out. But I think it’s normal for men.

    tenshi_akum’s note: Then, he asked the question to the band members. One of them answered, “I will take a shower twice a day. But still I’m not so beautiful as you.” Lol. The person who answered this question is really funny and made a good atmosphere throughout FM.

    An eel asked me, “How are you dressed for bed?” I don’t wear anything. I’m sleeping in a comfortable bed. I feel nice, wrapped around my body.

    My favorite movies. One is ‘A Bittersweet Life’ by Lee Byung-hun. His eyes are enough to tell us a lot. I want to play like him. The other is ‘Chungking Express’ by Tony Leung. When I first saw it, I was soon hooked.

    ~Like a Movie~


    I have two albums of my own. In addition, I have TEAM H albums. ZIKZIN Zepp、TEAM H Party、CRI SHOW… too many brands! About TEAM H, last year we released the 2nd album in Asia. In Chinese market, we ranked No.1, but in Japan, once we ranked No.3 in a daily chart, but after that, it went down… Let’s say BIG BROTHER is responsible for that. Lol. When I perform as TEAM H, the stage is like a party, not just a concert. When I perform as a singer Jang Keun Suk, I’m trying to put my emotions while singing. That’s why I often sing with my eyes closed. Well, let’s try to express what I’m feeling now through playing a guitar? I’d say, “Well done.”

    I’m sure being an actor is my calling. I’ve never regretted what I chose to act in the past. PSY says, “There is no time when I can say it was the best, but there is no time when I haven’t tried to do the best.” I have the same idea. I’ve experienced that I fell into a deep slump. At that time, I got sick of life. I’m usually positive, but I have hard times, too. But now, I learned through this experience that admitting and accepting hard times is important. I’ve come to think that saying “I’m in a slump now” is cooler than keeping it secret. I want to send cheers to those who are in trouble, singing this ‘Save Me’.

    ~Save Me~
    Today I’m telling what I feel freely. It’s like ZIKZIN Radio. Let’s do like the open recording.

    Here, Olympic Hall. Today I received a submission from Jang Keun Suk. “As a matter of fact, I received an e-mail from a male acquaintance. It says, ‘I miss you, Keun Suk. I want to drink with you.’ He seems to like me. What should I do? P.S. there is emoji in it.” Well, he told me, “If you hold your FM, I will go.” He even told me that “I will sing a ballad for you” even I didn’t ask him. Then, I asked him if it’s OK to give you a lunch box and 80,000 won as a performance fee. Surprisingly, he discounted it! “20,000 won is enough to cover my gasoline cost.” I will introduce you Today’s special guest, Kim Jaejoong!

    ~Keshou (Make-up) Korean version by Kim Jaejoong~

    tenshi_akuma’s note: JKS appeared as a special guest of Kim Jaejoong’s birthday concert on January 26th. So eels wished JJ would appear JKS’ FM as a special guest in return. But it was a real surprise of JJ appearance. Especially eels were really happy to see their closeness. When JJ finished singing, Sukkie ran to JJ, calling him “Hyung~!” and Sukkie hugged JJ and turned on his heel. It’s like a couple! Sukkie looked so happy to invite JJ.
    Hyung, thank you for your singing a parting song on my FM! Lol.
    tenshi_akuma’s note: ‘Keshou (Make-up)’ is originally sung by Japanese singer, Nakajima Miyuki. JJ really likes this song and translated it into Korean. If you’re interested in the lyrics, please check the English translation from the YT link I posted above. JJ revealed, “When I sing this song in my concert, everyone listens quietly. But this time, the audience looked so excited. It was my first experience, so I was puzzled how to react. Should I sing this song with a smile? Lol.”

    You know what? My eels always welcome my friends. My eels come to like what I like or whom I like. You’re my precious friend. So eels also think that you’re special to them. I was afraid that your (JJ’s) fans wouldn’t welcome me as your friend because I’m a bit eccentric compared to ordinary Koreans. But when I attended your birthday concert, they accepted me warmly. I was really happy about it.

    tenshi_akuma’s note: While talking with JJ, a bracelet that Sukkie wearing seemed unfastened. Then, Sukkie picked it up and put it to JJ’s wrist. Sukkie revealed this bracelet was originally JJ’s. “When we had a drink together, I stole it from JJ’s house, so I return it to him now.” Sometimes we see they are wearing the same clothes, but it seems they lend or borrow their fashion items each other. They are not living together but they are living close as a neighbor.

    The earth is small and round. Let’s get along beautifully with each other. Say, let’s exchange your mobile phone number with oversea eels.
    tenshi_akuma’s note: This simple wording “The earth is small and round. Let’s get along beautifully with each other.” came out very natural from Sukkie. It’s true that there are some political issues between countries, but for him, the world is one. No boundaries. I was so touched by his natural wording. He is truly World Prince. On that day, eels from all over the world were united by him.

    JKS: You are good at cooking, right?
    JJ: Yes. Because I’ve been living alone since I was 15.
    JKS: He often kindly cooks for me. He gave me home-made garlic pickles before. But his garlic is lightly pickled. My taste is too pickled one. So I didn’t eat them soon. I was waiting until it is too pickled.
    JJ: Most Koreans prefer lightly pickled one, don’t you?
    The audience: Yes!

    JKS: Even I’m in a minority, I like too pickled and softer one. JJ’s is tough for me… So I kept it in my fridge for a long time. I totally forgot it until I cleaned my fridge a few days ago. Even it took one year, the texture was still tough. So… I threw it away. Sorry, Hyung.
    tenshi_akuma’s note: He cleaned his fridge on February 5th. Like pics he shared on LINE, SUkkie showed how he cleaned his fridges with some pics. To our surprise, he showed us the pic of that garlic thrown away in a sink. Eels were so surprised at the scene. JJ looked so shocked and was about to collapse. Sukkie took JJ’s hand to bring him back to the stage. In my opinion, I don’t think this is the best way to show that garlic was not his taste anyway. I admit it’s an extreme way, but I’m sure it reflects his sincerity to JJ. As he said many times, he thanked JJ to give him the pickles, but they were not his taste… He tried to eat them, but he found it was too hard for him. Of course, he could have thrown them away secretly, but he didn’t. I think JJ is a special friend for Sukkie, so he didn’t want to disguise it. Again, it was a bit shocking, but I believe it was his way to show his sincerity to JJ. As he wants to get along with JJ for a long time, he doesn’t want to tell a lie such as he ate all.

    After that, cooking session. He demonstrated to cook ‘Beer Can Chicken’. It was [21.08.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE when he showed us the cooking for the first time. The day before FM, he posted some chicken pics on LINE. So we expected something would happen about ‘Beer Can Chicken’.

    JKS prepared an apron for him. JJ helped him to wear it. JKS looked happy. Then, he started to cook ‘Beer Can Chicken’. JKS asked JJ to help him. The ingredients are as follows; 1 chicken, olive oil, salt and pepper, herbs (it seems basil), chopped parsley, crushed garlic and 1 can of beer. JKS poured olive oil ovet the chicken. He told the oil helped it to crisp. Then, he put crushed garlic and herbs powder on it. He asked JJ to spread them on the chicken fully. In addition, JJ filled the chicken with garlic, too. JJ was very good at doing so and looked professional. When it came to use 1 can of beer, JKS asked JJ to drink half of it. After JKS received the can, JKS had a sip of it. Saying “Kya~~ I’m directly drinking the same beer as JJ!” Lol. Then, JJ succeeded to place the chicken over the can. To complete it, he needed to put it in an oven at 220 degrees for 40 minutes. So he asked JJ to be MC until he returns. JKS walked off the stage.
    Unexpectedly, JJ was left on the stage alone. He greeted eels again, “Hello, I’m Kim Jaejoon, a substitute MC. Well, what should I do…?” He looked at a loss and started to clean up the kitchen. Then, soon JKS was back to the stage! JKS carried a baked chicken on a wagon. JJ looked so relieved, saying “You’ve already prepared for that!”

    JKS was serving the chicken for JJ

    JKS gave JJ a small bite of it
    JJ said, “It’s really great!” Our mischievous boy JKS preapared a super-hot source. He put it over another chicken, and gave it to JJ. But JJ likes extra-spicy food, so he looked OK at all. JJ looked to like JKS’ Beer Can Chicken very much. He ate a lot on the stage and even in his backstage room.

    tenshi_akuma’s note: Reading [2014-02-08] Jaejoong (@bornfreeonekiss) twitter, JJ enjoyed attending JKS’ FM on that day.

    Lastly, JKS said to JJ, “Thank you again for coming here today. We both are busy, so we can’t see each other so often, but you’re my beloved hyung. Thank you.” Then, JKS hugged JJ tightly. After that, JKS asked JJ, “Sorry, but can you take away that wagon?” Then, JJ walked off the stage with the wagon. Lol. They’ve built a really really good relationship.

    tenshi_akuma’s note: If you’re interested in ‘Beer Can Chicken’, please check this recipe.

    After JJ exited, JKS sang the final song, saying “If you’re not satisfied with today’s FM, let’s meet again in 4 years!”

    ~Turn Off~
    After singing ‘Turn Off’, JKS went back into the backstage room. But a camera was following him. He asked eels to call his name loud. All the audience called our only Prince, Jang Keun Suk loud over and over. “Jang Keun Suk! Jang Keun Suk! Jang Keun Suk!…” The experience was beyond expectation. Eels from all over the world were united to call his name. “JANG KEUN SUK!”

    Then, second half “PROPOSE” started. JKS’ sweet voice, “Hey, I have something to tell you… Will you marry me?” Then, he appeared on the stage, wearing a white tuxedo!

    ‘Monday’ is one of my favorite OST songs. The lyrics are English, so many overseas eels seemed happy to hear it live.
    Then, second talk session started. Before the FM, FC members submitted a request for JKS as well as questions related to 12 keywords. The following is a part of his talks.

    (2) Eels’ request for JKS
    Eel: I’m looking forward to your next project.
    So many eels submitted this request, but you know what? Even a month hasn’t passed yet since my latest project (drama ‘Beautiful Man’) was over! Why you said “What is NEXT? When is NEXT? … NEXT? NEXT?” I’m a kind of person who gets sick if I’m said to study harder and more.

    Eel:I want you to hold FM more often.
    It’s my mother who decides. Recently I hold concerts as a singer. Before I release my own album, I sang OST during FM. But now I sing my songs.

    Eel: I want you to be more active in Korea.
    This request would be for those who doesn’t do anything in Korea. You know, I just finished my latest drama in Korea!! Needless to say, if I get a good offer, I will take it soon. Many asked me to appear historical drama. Of course, I will if it’s attractive enough. There are people who like the character I played. But those who came here today likes Jang Keun Suk as a person as well as my characters. I won’t regret whatever project I choose as long as I choose it by myself. But I want to choose my project carefully.

    Eel: Please be careful about driving and car maintenance.
    Well, I had big car accidents three times in the past. I had to scarp all of three cars, but luckily I was safe! Needless to say, safe driving is important. But I can say car maintenance is more important. No matter how safe my driving is, it’s meaningless if the car condition is bad.

    Eel: Plead don’t eat too much and take a shower every day.
    I’m not a big eater. Rather, I eat a bit many times a day. And I drink a lot. For me, dieting is easy. If I stop drinking, I will lose 5 kg in a month.

    Eel: How about developing six-pack abs?
    In fact, I had six-pack abs while shooting movie ‘You’re my pet.’ At that time, my body fat was 6 %. You don’t believe me? I didn’t show you, but it’s true! To be honest, it didn’t suit me. Really. I don’t like to be too skinny. By the way, even I gain weight, my waist size won’t change. It’s always 28 inches. I don’t know why but it won’t change even if I gain or lose weight.

    Eel: I want to see you dancing ‘sexy back’ again.
    (JKS laughed out loud!) Hey, don’t ask me to do it again. I’m already over 25 years old. At that time, I didn’t have my own song, so I danced with music. [Then, suddenly the music played... JKS looked surprised, but he danced shyly anyway! Eels became too excited! Then, JKS showed his dancing to all angles proudly! haha]
    tenshi_akuma’s note: If you don’t know JKS’ legendary ‘sexy back’ dancing, please check this out!

    Eel: I’m supporting your way of life. Please keep ZIKZIN forever!!
    I’ve been waiting for this message! Thank you!!! Very encouraging. I’m going to reach 28 years old in Korea this year. I’ve got a lot of support from all over the world as well as from Korea. I feel responsible. I’ve learned that in order to do what I want to do, I need to do what I have to do. I have to accept the fact that some eels leave from me. That is my responsibility. I can’t stop them. But personally I don’t want you to feel regretted that you’re eels. That’s why I will keep ZIKZIN. Thank you again for your continuous support.
    OK, then, let’s take photos with eels. Yong Duk! [JKS called Yong Duk as a cameraman.] Yong Duk has worked with me for 3 years. He’s like my real brother. I’m also responsible for him. JKS introduced Yong Duk to us, holding him round the shoulders. I will keep this photos forever.

    At last, encore session.
    Many eels requested me to sing A.N.JELL songs. Of course, I like them, but I didn’t sing it for a long time because I’m afraid it looks like I live on my past accomplishment. However, today I will sing for you!

    tenshi_akuma’s note: Hearing his honest confession and ‘Promise’, I couldn’t help but cry. It’s hard to describe my feeling at that time. Only I can say now is I feel so happy to be there as his eel.
    At the very last, he said as follows.
    You can see the part of his speech shared on [2014-02-12] Jang Keun Suk LINE.

    Heroes are always alone.
    I’m not talking that I’m a hero.
    After all, in my life… I can say yours as well,
    we are all alone.

    I won’t fall down for this reason.
    I won’t stop for this reason.
    I won’t live with no room to breathe for this reason.
    I won’t be lazy because I’m tired for this reason.

    And he added, “Thank you always, my eels.” When he said these, he looked with watery eyes. But soon he happily said good bye to eels and left from the stage.
    And this message was shown on a big screen after the FM.

    Eels who know what I’m feeling without my words are rare,
    but I’m always encouraged by eels anyway!!
    Thank you always~!

    What do you think about this message? At least, I want to be considered one of rare eels by him and keep ZIKZIN with him forever.
    To wrap up my FA, I will show you my request for JKS that I submitted here. “You’re always trying to show your real self as much as possible. That’s why I couldn’t think of any request for you. That’s good enough for me to hear from you when you want to tell us.” Reading his last message, I felt my submission seems something related. As JKS is a unique and special star for eels, we easily become demanding to know everything about him. But our journey being together will last for a long time. So it’s necessary for both of us to build a special bond even without words. ZIKZIN!

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